Welcome to Alex Stewart International Rwanda

Alex Stewart International   founded in 1978 and its worldwide group of Companies extends over 40 countries to provide professional inspection and laboratory analysis to business and government sectors.

Alex Stewart international Rwanda(ASIR) has been officially in Rwanda from 2006. ASIR trades in commodity inspection, sampling and analytical services. The main concerned goods are minerals.


Alex Stewart International Rwanda ’s inspections include trustworthy supervision, weighing, and sampling services. Our professional and technically knowledgeable inspectors provide a dedicated, high quality service to meet the specific requirements of industry and commerce including mining companies, international traders, metal producers and the general public.

Analysing and Testing

Alex Stewart International Rwanda laboratory tailor their services to deliver cost effective and fast turnaround laboratory analysis without compromising quality and result accuracy.   Rwanda laboratory is designated  by EAC standardization  to ISO /IEC 17025. Alex Stewart International Rwanda laboratory provide services for 3Ts (Tin, Tantalum and Tungsten), base and minor metals, ores and concentrates. We also offer a range of geochemical services to the mining and mineral exploration sector.

Alex Stewart International Rwanda laboratory   is fully equipped with traditional and modern instrumentation to deliver fast, reliable and accurate results and certificate for your commercial transactions.

Why choose Alex Stewart International Rwanda?

  • Experience: Alex Stewart International Rwanda has a wealth of experience and expertise
  • Unique competence: highly qualified and experienced chemists use state- of -the -art analytical and laboratory equipment for the most precise results.
  • Service quality: Alex Stewart International Rwanda is designated to ISO standard. Customers benefit from a dependable, quality -focused approach every time they utilize the Alex Stewart International Rwanda service.
  • Cost: Alex Stewart International Rwanda prides itself on its ability to deliver cost –effective services without compromising on quality or responsiveness.
  • Technology: The advanced IT service includes time- sensitive benefits as online request and online tracking.

Who choose Alex Stewart International Rwanda?

  • Mining and smelting companies
  • Traders
  • Industry
  • Education institutions
  • Construction institutions
  • Exploration sectors


Consolidate the work and increase the activities* Run the laboratory and build confidence between ASIR and the customers
* Acquire the main equipment of the Lab
* Get a better knowledge of the market 
* Increase number of customers
* Explore Region Market

Increase current activities and Diversify activities

* Increase numbers of analyses and inspection in Rwanda and outside
* Employ more people according to the activity.
* Look for Others activities
* Become completely self sufficient and make benefit

Consolidate all current activities

* Stabilise finance and activities
* Start others activities ( Geochemical Laboratory, inspection of other goods than minerals